Airtaxis, eVTOLs, Commercial Delivery, Drones

Aviation is ripe for electrification, but batteries are not the solution.

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Jet fuels have specific energy of 12,000Wh/kg vs. 250Wh/kg for batteries.
The absolute minimum to enable aviation is 2000Wh/kg .

DME (Dimethyl Ether), is a synthetic fuel derived from methanol (specific density 7,889Wh/kg), and tomorrow from renewable methanol). It is the solution for carbon-neutral net-zero emissions well to wing aviation.


We develop 50W to 30kW fuel cells based on methanol natural gas or DME that fit the needs of drones, air-taxis, eVTOLs, and aircraft auxiliary power systems.


Drones with methanol (or DME) can fly
for 12hrs vs. 30 mins for battery ones.

We form strategic alliances with aviation companies for the deployment and licensing of our Li.F.E. Engine technology.