We make fuel cells that convert methanol, natural gas, and hydrogen to electricity


(Renewable) Methanol to Electricity

At Advent we believe that the world can decarbonize faster. To accelerate the pace of electrification we will need Renewable Fuels (like Renewable Methanol aka Liquid Sun, Liquid Wind). These fuels will enable true zero emissions (well to wheel) carbon-neutral power for the automotive, aviation, drone, portable, marine, and heat & power generation markets. Renewable fuels carry hydrogen, without the need for hydrogen infrastructure.


Li.F.E. EnginesTM

Advent’s Liquid Fuel Electrochemical Engines run on methanol, ethanol, natural gas and more. Our high-temp fuel cell technology bypasses the problem of hydrogen infrastructure. No harmful emissions are created and the resulting design is simple and efficient. Li.F.E. Engines provide significant competitive advantages (range, autonomy, cost) in the aviation, automotive, portable and stationary power generation markets.